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Print Certifcates with ease

Automate the generation of certificate numbers, No more opening of bulky photo editing programs, Avoid the error prone process of copying and pasting photos on certficates.

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Having issues with certificate forgery and credential mismatch?

Elu Certificate management system comes with secure role-based access control from enrollment to printing. All certicate issued to students can be verifed with ease giving instant authenticity

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A complete certificate management system
for any kind of training institute

Print more certificates in less time, with less errors,
you no longer have to generate certificates number manually

Certificate Verification

Certificate Verification
Certificates can be instantly verified, notifying both the institute and verifyer mitigating the effects of forgery.

Certificate Verification

Course management

Course Management
Courses can be scheduled in batches, enrollment limits set per session, and enrollment securely approved by admins

Course Management

certificate management

Certificate Management
Certificate numbers are auto generated per course. Certificate generation goes through a 3 step approval process.

Certificate Management


Course scheduling, enrollment and certificate generation approval are performed by users in distinct roles.

Role based security

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